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New Year. New Topic by Wash! on 2002-01-01 11:28:14

So people: Reflections on last year? Plans for the forthcoming year? Leave comments here x

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New Year. New Topic by Skiddy on 2002-01-02 08:24:29  |  Reply to this
  Well I got some good memories and some that ain't so good but i'd have to say 2001 was a pretty good year. Liverpool took home the silverware but Town got sent it division 2. I fould love but then lost it again (and was made to look like a fool in the process but that don't really bother me). I hung out and had some damn good times with my buddies, you know who you are!! Saw tragedy on Sept 11 but also the wealth of human kindness it inspired. It's a shame that love and caring can't be seen so often. I drank a little too much, but had fun and didn't hurt anyone, at least I hope I didn't. Plans and Resolutions for the next year. 1. Have a damn good summer holiday somewhere hot with my mates. 2. read a little more 3. try and gain some kind of work ethic. 4. bust out a smile as often as I can. 5. complete my Clapton back catalogue. 6. And find that 'certain someone' Happy New Year everyone. Make this year special and be the best you can be.
Re: New Year. New Topic by Kid. on 2002-01-02 15:55:04  |  Reply to this
  Well, my 2001 was typified by the phrase. 'Uh?'.

Despite my best intentions to follow what was happening, I found I continued to lose it. That's going to be a life theme, I think. So, then to put the biggest things into some kind of order.....Hmmmm....

1. 11/9 Really put everything into perspective, hopefully, for the world. If it learns and becomes a more friendly place, we will all benefit. Unfortunately, it seems racism, stupidity and greed all still thrive. One day....one day......

2. As it says on the bottom-left corner of my monitor. 'REMEMBER THE DREAM. THE DREAM IS OVER. MAY 6TH 2001. 3:06P.M.' I have never cried as much as that day, seeing all the hopes and aspirations I have ever had trickling away over a 90 minute period that not only ran the whole gamut of emotions, but ran them over at the end. My tears were washed into the river, but they have never quite dried. I said on the day that I would take at least 6 years to get over it. It might be more. Every time I open a newspaper, look at back page, I can feel the pain, fresher each time, like a jagged knife being pushed further and further into my heart, and pulled sharply out. Empty. Completely empty. Numb. No-one spoke to me for 3 days afterwards. All I got was a hug.

3. I SAW NELSON MANDELA. IN REAL LIFE. He rules. I felt humbled to share a planet with him, and too lucky to speak that I shared in his blink of an eye. A truly great man.

4. I was touched to see Goran Ivanisevic win Wimbledon. Everyone loves Goran?

5. My first tentative steps in Language Pathology, in early September.

And the thing that made this year stand out? You guys, especially the ones I see....I miss you guys when you're not around, and it makes me appreciate you all the more when you are there. Except you Wash. You're a gimp.

Re: New Year. New Topic by Ringo on 2002-01-02 16:50:07  |  Reply to this
  Was 2001 a good year? Despite all that happended i've gotta yes. Although september 21st was tragic, it made me appreciate what i have and who i know and love. That one single event made me more emotional than i have been for probably the last 18 years. I think 2001 was the first year out of the last few where i canhonestly say i never said 'shit happens and then you die', a depressive statment although i did live by it for several of the last few years. So i feel all the better for it. I definetly drunk too much, have been acused of being a raging alcoholic (althogh none of it is true!) and have only hurt one person slighty through my new found skills in Jiu-Jitsu. I hope 2002 can be as inspiring and though provoking as 2001 was, only without the hurt and tragedy. My hopes and plans for the coming year are to enjoy life as much as i can, cos you never know what could happen. I'm gonna miss you guys when you all leave again in a couple of days, we really need to sort that hot holiday out! Wash, even though Kid says you're a gimp, im still gonna miss ya!
Re: Re: New Year. New Topic by Wash! on 2002-01-02 17:12:04  |  Reply to this
  So what happened on the 21st September, Ringo? Was that a particularly bad day for you?
Re: Re: Re: New Year. New Topic by Ringo on 2002-01-02 17:45:27  |  Reply to this
  Ooops typo there, me thinks finger slipped and i didnt check. Feel free to call me a jackass!!! 11th of september....feel better do we!!!???? I think o need sleep..........
Re: New Year. New Topic by Wash on 2003-01-01 05:47:41  |  Reply to this
  Well did you do all you wanted to do? And lets have your reflections on 2002, and hopes for 2003, just for the record. It was interesting to read these entries left one year ago.