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Re: New Year. New Topic by Kid. on 2002-01-02 15:55:04

Well, my 2001 was typified by the phrase. 'Uh?'.

Despite my best intentions to follow what was happening, I found I continued to lose it. That's going to be a life theme, I think. So, then to put the biggest things into some kind of order.....Hmmmm....

1. 11/9 Really put everything into perspective, hopefully, for the world. If it learns and becomes a more friendly place, we will all benefit. Unfortunately, it seems racism, stupidity and greed all still thrive. One day....one day......

2. As it says on the bottom-left corner of my monitor. 'REMEMBER THE DREAM. THE DREAM IS OVER. MAY 6TH 2001. 3:06P.M.' I have never cried as much as that day, seeing all the hopes and aspirations I have ever had trickling away over a 90 minute period that not only ran the whole gamut of emotions, but ran them over at the end. My tears were washed into the river, but they have never quite dried. I said on the day that I would take at least 6 years to get over it. It might be more. Every time I open a newspaper, look at back page, I can feel the pain, fresher each time, like a jagged knife being pushed further and further into my heart, and pulled sharply out. Empty. Completely empty. Numb. No-one spoke to me for 3 days afterwards. All I got was a hug.

3. I SAW NELSON MANDELA. IN REAL LIFE. He rules. I felt humbled to share a planet with him, and too lucky to speak that I shared in his blink of an eye. A truly great man.

4. I was touched to see Goran Ivanisevic win Wimbledon. Everyone loves Goran?

5. My first tentative steps in Language Pathology, in early September.

And the thing that made this year stand out? You guys, especially the ones I see....I miss you guys when you're not around, and it makes me appreciate you all the more when you are there. Except you Wash. You're a gimp.

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