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Re: Re: Re: Re: methinks I doth protest too much! by Kid. on 2002-01-20 05:40:13

As much as I would love the potential of 'perfect' human life, you have to remember a few things....

It is these mutations, random inflictions (or advantages) that few people have that are the root of evolution. I have a unit this semester on Evolutionary Psychology which is basically how evolution has affected the mind. Anyway.

I couldn't agree more with the healing of the sickest of the sick, but it is worth bearing this in mind. In Norfolk, where I am, they only have the funding to 'help' the worst 2% of those with learning disorders. If they looked at it the other way, the x% above that only need a small amount of help before they become able to fit into mainstream, but because there is not funding available, so shouldn't they get the same chance.

I wouldn't think there is any chance that I would get a career in this field; we often discuss this very point, and it seems, that although it can be tremendously rewarding, it is also more frustrating than you can imagine, and everything points against it.
But...and there is a but...it is also one of those things that some people do, and to have that knowledge, at least to be able to help is something I feel very much proud of, whether I choose to use it actively or not. There will be another comment following, but I need time to sort it.

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Ah, that was it. by Kid. on 2002-01-20 05:46:29  |  Reply to this
  My degree is in Linguistics, and my interest lies very much in language, and what it does. I study at one of the UK's better Universities. It probably falls into block 3 in the scale.

Quick aside
Group 1 Oxford/Cambridge.
Group 2Lancaster (Hey Skiddy!), Durham, St. Andrew's (Hey Wills!)
Group 3 UEA (Hey Me!)....other unis whose names elude me.

I digress. Out of the X amount of universities in this country, there is only one in which people can choose to do what I have, in the field of language pathologies, although I assume there is similar things for other disabilities. The situation is very much the same in the United States. This is a shame. That's it for me.