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root: methinks I doth protest too much!

parent: Re: Re: Re: Re: methinks I doth protest too much!

Ah, that was it. by Kid. on 2002-01-20 05:46:29

My degree is in Linguistics, and my interest lies very much in language, and what it does. I study at one of the UK's better Universities. It probably falls into block 3 in the scale.

Quick aside
Group 1 Oxford/Cambridge.
Group 2Lancaster (Hey Skiddy!), Durham, St. Andrew's (Hey Wills!)
Group 3 UEA (Hey Me!)....other unis whose names elude me.

I digress. Out of the X amount of universities in this country, there is only one in which people can choose to do what I have, in the field of language pathologies, although I assume there is similar things for other disabilities. The situation is very much the same in the United States. This is a shame. That's it for me.

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