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parent: Glue Guns Rock!

Re: Glue Guns Rock! by rAcHeL on 2002-01-25 06:52:04

hey... glue guns, the mear reason I exist, if it were not for the putrid smell of burning flesh as one bides their time in an hour and half long "technology education class", blissfully sticking their fingers together... anyway-- i love glueguns... infact, just an hour ago I had the pleasure of using a gluegun in making a desk-set, which for some reason I got a 100% on as a grade when I wasn't even done at the due-date. ... right.

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Re: Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Mr. Slippers aka Jon From a/s on 2002-01-26 09:50:29  |  Reply to this
  Lol rachel u didnt get a 100 no one got a 100 on that thing cept the fag kid tha does everything right lol