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Glue Guns Rock! by Wash! on 2002-01-22 10:24:22

Its been a while since I've written, maily due to the cocks who keep messing up this site. Anyway, as I sit in the library next to an uncanny look-a-like of Ruud Van Nistlerooy (Man. Utd) I smell the smell you get when you're glueing two piecs of wood (possible doylon) together with a glue gun, and I thought, hey, glue guns rock. Many a fun glue gun fight was had between Kid and others in Design Technology way back in the 90s. He also soldered the skin of his finger with a slodering iron which made it turn yellow to produce possibly the most vile smell i have ever had the misfortune of smelling in my entire life. Anyway, as I become continuingly baffled by Kid and d-'s intelligent banter, i thought i'd create something more relaxed for the reader who sometimes just can't be arsed (schlong?). Not that I don't love reading you topics, Kid & d-!! Don't get me wrong. I'm probably your most frequent visiter to your online diary, Kid! Anyway, I'm kinda drifting from the subject here. Glue Guns rock, and I'm going home now. Tara! Wash!

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Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Kid. on 2002-01-22 17:11:56  |  Reply to this
  Ah, the realisation of agony that only comes when you smell the putrid smell of your nail being burnt to an extent you really oughtn't. It hurt so much, it really did. Would it be Freudian to insist we all have a masochistic side? Well, whether or not, it hurt like hell.
Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Amelia on 2002-01-23 18:22:17  |  Reply to this
  And here I thought this was going to be all Martha Stewart-ish. Fie.
UN SAC DE DEBILLES by Wash! on 2002-01-24 06:55:59  |  Reply to this
  The worst pub visit in my life: I walk in a pub in London with my bird, only for some guy to shout HELLO over the pub. I ignore him, and think he's a drunk freak. When i sit down, having taken off my coat, the guy is standing there, looking at me. I begin to think he is a waiter, and so tell him I want just a few minutes. On viewing him closer, i realise its one of my French friends from Uni with new hair! Boy did I feel like a Sac de Debilles?! He invited us both over to join him and his old irish friend for a drink. I bought a couple of cokes, one for me one for my bird, and sadly drew the short straw, as mine was the one with the cockroach in it. Bitchin'! Wasn't too impressed, but was thankful it was my coke and not the bird's! I've a feeling she'd have been barfing throughout the day. I got my money back, but didn't keep the cockroach. I'm thinking of writing to the comany to complain, get free stuff etc. I beleive coke and cockroach is an illegal drink in England. Could make thousands legally. Not going to though, but some free vouchers would do me nicely. Not at the same branch though. Anyway, for all your future references, do not go to the Rat & Parrot, London Victoria. I can't complain at my inability to recognise a reasonably good mate, (not good enough that i wasn't hugely embarassed at not knowing who he was). I can call it my worst pub experience for a while though due to the roach of cockness which nearly took a journey through my inards and out my outards. Pleasant though, no? Stay away from the shit hole though And remember the name: Rat & Parrot... in your drink!!!
Re: UN SAC DE DEBILLES by Wash! on 2002-01-24 06:58:47  |  Reply to this
  I'd like to add, for Kid Ringo Skiddy & GOAU (where are you, GOAU & Skiddy?) that i love the R&P in Hudds, and won't stop going there :-) A bientot, gamin!
Jew-seph Joffo by Kid on 2002-01-24 09:25:02  |  Reply to this
  Free insect with every 2 purchases! Nice! Think of it this way.

If you'd have shouted at the barman you wouldn't've got your money back, and that, that, that would have been a trav. Complete trav.

is Nash.

Re: UN SAC DE DEBILLES by Skiddy on 2002-01-25 05:44:37  |  Reply to this
  Dude, do you realize if you had drunk that nuclear winter escaping bad boy, then you would have literally sucked cock(roach)!! Sorry haven't been around for a while, have been a little busy and only been able to get onto PdC to read rather than than reply. Skiddy strikes again with the slightly older women as I've started seeing a FIT 4-year student studying to be a primary school teacher. Man, she is CUTE. Anyway, give uz a call, you beeatch. Kid, keep on doing what you do but remember never let the sun set on tomorrow before the sun rises today.
Re: Re: UN SAC DE DEBILLES by Ringo on 2002-01-25 10:36:01  |  Reply to this
  Well here i am talking from cambridge, not pissed yet but i'm getting there. Skiddy, nice to know that you've met somebody else, i'll speak to u soon mate. Kid, WaSH & GAOU, i'll speak to u soon, aND I EXPECT At least a couple of u to be aT MY 21ST IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!! Alexa will be calling you in the near future, anyway, i'll speak to u all soon. Ringo
Re: Re: Re: UN SAC DE DEBILLES by Ringo on 2002-01-26 16:54:33  |  Reply to this
  Really, what the hell was i doing with those capitals???? Ahh the obliviance of alcohol induced stuper, anyway, fun was had all round!
Insect Nutrition by tommie on 2002-01-25 05:34:49  |  Reply to this
  Wash, you need to take a different perspective. Check this.
Re: Insect Nutrition by Wash! on 2002-01-26 05:24:50  |  Reply to this
  Hahaha! Nice one, Tommie :-) How long did you spend looking for this site?
Re: Re: Insect Nutrition by tommie on 2002-01-26 05:29:02  |  Reply to this
  It took about an hour, but I didn't mind, since I was at work.
Re: Re: Re: Insect Nutrition by Wash! on 2002-01-29 05:30:41  |  Reply to this
  You a dude! Oh, and I want your job! No, wait a minute, I want to be a student forever, and i can continue to waste most of my days doing similar useless crap for the rest of my life! Ahhh we have it easy, eh, tom?
Re: Glue Guns Rock! by rAcHeL on 2002-01-25 06:52:04  |  Reply to this
  hey... glue guns, the mear reason I exist, if it were not for the putrid smell of burning flesh as one bides their time in an hour and half long "technology education class", blissfully sticking their fingers together... anyway-- i love glueguns... infact, just an hour ago I had the pleasure of using a gluegun in making a desk-set, which for some reason I got a 100% on as a grade when I wasn't even done at the due-date. ... right.
Re: Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Mr. Slippers aka Jon From a/s on 2002-01-26 09:50:29  |  Reply to this
  Lol rachel u didnt get a 100 no one got a 100 on that thing cept the fag kid tha does everything right lol
Re: Glue Guns Rock! by d.- on 2002-01-25 12:48:03  |  Reply to this
  actually... I had to smirk aloud to meself when I read this title BECAUSE the headliner on my old car has been ripping away, oh, for about a LONG WHILE now, and, of course, it's right on the driver's side! It is now drooping way down and will probably one day soon impede my vision whilst driving, giving me a near heartattack and finally waking me up to the fact that I NEED TO GLUE GUN THE DAMN THING!! Or do you think a staple gun would be better?
Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Wash on 2002-01-26 05:34:09  |  Reply to this
  Staple guns are cool in the sound they make when releasing the staple bullets, in comparison with the dribbling of the glue gun, with which you have to use two hands to release the glue, as most have the hole covered up - with glue. However, the mere smell, and danger of glue guns makes them the clear winner for me. Its so easy for even the cleverest of kids to attach his hands together with glue gun glue. Even those who get 100% for Design Tech. And the danger of staple guns when in the hands of a rebell, i dunno, someone like 'Prendy' for example, makes me all too edgy when it comes to their usage when the teacher's left the room. I reckon the glue gun would best fix your car, d-. Go with the Glue Gun. We all know they rock!
Glue Guns Rock! by Skiddy on 2002-02-17 13:26:33  |  Reply to this
  It's amazing how things kind of keep coming up. Was just watching Shooting Stars on BBC Choice, and the question was asked, what can you used to hold down a patio. Taria Strecker said 'perhaps a glue gun?' and Vic Reeves replied with the wonderful statement 'o, but they are grea
Glue Guns Rock! by Skiddy on 2002-02-17 13:27:56  |  Reply to this
  Sorry, messed up. Meant to put 'NO, but they are great for blinding bats!!' Oh yes!!!!