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parent: Glue Guns Rock!

Re: Glue Guns Rock! by Wash on 2002-01-26 05:34:09

Staple guns are cool in the sound they make when releasing the staple bullets, in comparison with the dribbling of the glue gun, with which you have to use two hands to release the glue, as most have the hole covered up - with glue. However, the mere smell, and danger of glue guns makes them the clear winner for me. Its so easy for even the cleverest of kids to attach his hands together with glue gun glue. Even those who get 100% for Design Tech. And the danger of staple guns when in the hands of a rebell, i dunno, someone like 'Prendy' for example, makes me all too edgy when it comes to their usage when the teacher's left the room. I reckon the glue gun would best fix your car, d-. Go with the Glue Gun. We all know they rock!

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