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Re: Re: Re: Re: Of 2 Websites... by Kid. (Apologies in advance, I've had a few bevs....) on 2002-02-01 19:28:19

The library was surely empty to get so much written! The 'hobby' I referred to is, fortunately for all those ladies out there who were worried, Jack The Ripper himself, and all the theories thereupon. From what I understand about 'From Hell' they've come up with a conspiracy involving all the leading 'suspects', but I believe it'll be a load of old baloney, and will gladly rubbish it. Don't ask me what I think, I only know what isn't the truth. Nic Harcourt, oddly enough, broadcasts from L.A., but at KCRW.com, you can listen to his shows from the past (It works well for me, as I can copy many a live set to minidisc) few months/years. I heard of him througha record label. Its a long story, and probably not worth telling.
Yes, I do feel older than my years, at least a lot of the time I do. Tonight I went out to paint the town red and, including my nose bleed (haha! No, I actually had one, just minor, like) I managed to do so. But I feel all the older for it now. Aching feet and legs - too much dancing believe it or not.

However, I feel sprightly/awake/friendship enough to write this to you - and its 3.27am, you know - I, too, am glad to have a cyber pen-pal. (That phrase sounds so clumsy. Its the 'cyber' that does it. Ruins everything. Hmmm, I don't know). I can only hope in regards to deli girl, but I'll let you know. As for Valentine's day, I tend to spend it consoling my single friends. I'm used to it now, being single, but it hurts some people more than others. Luckily, one of my best friend's girlfriend is (probably) in England for St. V's so he'll be as happy as Larry. She lives in Chicago, you know. Makes you sick, doesn't it?
Now, I can only wonder what to do to celebrate your birthday. I've got a couple of ideas, but they might take a while to come to fruition. Cos, you know, I'm pushed for time. Occasionally.
And don't mock my chocolate thing, there's a reason. I'll write it up tomorrow, I need a nice warm bed now. Clean sheets on it too.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of 2 Websites... by alice, audrey, d.- , whatever... on 2002-02-02 13:05:08  |  Reply to this
  -- the only 'mock' is on the turtle [she quipped]. I mock you not, my friend -- to each one's own... I like writing to you, because I DON'T know you! Does this make sense? Of course not, and yet, it's always been pondered: why do we people feel more comfortable opening up to complete strangers? You know, get on the bus or train or online and spill it all out. Again, I believe it's the anonymity what counts! hmmmm... you wrote me after a "few bevs" ??? -- you meant BEERS, yes? you party-animal! No need to celebrate my birthday, I just happen to like St. Valentine's Day regardless! And I wanted to tell you. I believe I was born on a day of Love, to experience Love and to share Love -- it's not been easy I'll say what! I must tell you now, I really LOVED the very idea of your drawing a bath for me -- such that it seemed so nurturing that I would immerse myself and (perhaps) cry for a hundred million years.... The desert is beautiful today. The weather is perfect and sunny and warm and here I am INDOORS writing to you! I am so disconnected with nature. And this can't be good. Question: why do you like hearing from me? Writing style? Just the fact that I'm writing to YOU? Just what is (in your humble opinion) the connexion here? oh-oh. I may have to get off the computer -- and just when I was getting started! Ta!
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of 2 Websites... by Kid. on 2002-02-03 06:24:02  |  Reply to this
  I did mean beers, yes, I'm a student after all. Do you really find it so hard to share? You seem to do it just fine here - poetically, thoughtfully and (if words can do such a thing) gracefully. I suppose it could be, as you say, the anonymity of it, I don't know.

I like to think (he says, realising quite how pompous he sounds) of myself as quite in touch with nature, and the fact that you notice such things is enough; bear in mind that the world is very much a beautiful place but you have to stop to acknowledge it from time to time, else it might all pass you by.

Why do I like hearing from you? Of course, the fact that you are writing to me is nice, its nice to feel that other people are thinking of you, but you throw a new spin on things, see things differently, and express them differently to the way I do. Its something I not only enjoy from a personal point of view, but also on a more intellectual level.
P.S. - I tend not to enjoy St. Valentine's day, not because I tend to be flying solo, but more that if there's no-one to curl up with on the sofa, 'Its A Wonderful Life' seems that bit emptier.