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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of 2 Websites... by alice, audrey, d.- , whatever... on 2002-02-02 13:05:08

-- the only 'mock' is on the turtle [she quipped]. I mock you not, my friend -- to each one's own... I like writing to you, because I DON'T know you! Does this make sense? Of course not, and yet, it's always been pondered: why do we people feel more comfortable opening up to complete strangers? You know, get on the bus or train or online and spill it all out. Again, I believe it's the anonymity what counts! hmmmm... you wrote me after a "few bevs" ??? -- you meant BEERS, yes? you party-animal! No need to celebrate my birthday, I just happen to like St. Valentine's Day regardless! And I wanted to tell you. I believe I was born on a day of Love, to experience Love and to share Love -- it's not been easy I'll say what! I must tell you now, I really LOVED the very idea of your drawing a bath for me -- such that it seemed so nurturing that I would immerse myself and (perhaps) cry for a hundred million years.... The desert is beautiful today. The weather is perfect and sunny and warm and here I am INDOORS writing to you! I am so disconnected with nature. And this can't be good. Question: why do you like hearing from me? Writing style? Just the fact that I'm writing to YOU? Just what is (in your humble opinion) the connexion here? oh-oh. I may have to get off the computer -- and just when I was getting started! Ta!

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of 2 Websites... by Kid. on 2002-02-03 06:24:02  |  Reply to this
  I did mean beers, yes, I'm a student after all. Do you really find it so hard to share? You seem to do it just fine here - poetically, thoughtfully and (if words can do such a thing) gracefully. I suppose it could be, as you say, the anonymity of it, I don't know.

I like to think (he says, realising quite how pompous he sounds) of myself as quite in touch with nature, and the fact that you notice such things is enough; bear in mind that the world is very much a beautiful place but you have to stop to acknowledge it from time to time, else it might all pass you by.

Why do I like hearing from you? Of course, the fact that you are writing to me is nice, its nice to feel that other people are thinking of you, but you throw a new spin on things, see things differently, and express them differently to the way I do. Its something I not only enjoy from a personal point of view, but also on a more intellectual level.
P.S. - I tend not to enjoy St. Valentine's day, not because I tend to be flying solo, but more that if there's no-one to curl up with on the sofa, 'Its A Wonderful Life' seems that bit emptier.