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Wash in France! by Wash! on 2002-10-01 05:13:12

Just being an assistant 'n stuff. All good, just thought i'd let you know i'm up and about, well and 'appy 'n stuff. Thats all. Tara!!!

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Re: Wash in France! by Kid. on 2002-10-01 08:11:38  |  Reply to this
  Wash in France, eh? That's a first!

Ahahahahaha! God, I kill me.

Well, someone better had.

Re: Wash in France! by moi on 2002-10-01 15:51:05  |  Reply to this
  assisting WHO with WHAT??? -- the imagination doth wonder...
Re: Re: Wash in France! by Kid. on 2002-10-01 16:44:53  |  Reply to this
  I believe its 16-18 year olds with English skills, but the man knows better than I.

And is so relieved I didn't say anything else, too, I bet.

Re: Wash in France! by Wash on 2002-10-08 06:10:42  |  Reply to this
  The boy's right. And boy was I Vince today. I took a group of 3 students on my own for the first time today, and i gotta say, it kinda rocked. Pave the ways open for L'enfant de l'enfant du vieux port! Eric Nevland scored, Wash!
Re: Re: Wash in France! by Kid on 2002-10-08 16:02:21  |  Reply to this
  Congrats, man! I got your e-mail today, after you got my (don't ask) blank the other day. I still wouldn't trust you with a group of 3 students.

Unless 1 of them was Myers.

Then I wouldn't trust either of you.

Re: Wash in France! by Wash! At home! on 2002-11-08 08:55:45  |  Reply to this
  I now have internet in my room in France. Thought id drop by here as my first port of call. Well chuffed: Wash!
Re: Wash in France! by Kid on 2002-11-08 17:13:16  |  Reply to this
  Well, welcome back fella. I hope you've sent me an e-mail - did you get to OM last weekend? O know they won....

I miss you terribly....no, really I do. You're not at the end of a phone anymore! I miss that.

*Weeps uncontrollably*
I say uncontrollably, I just felt a little sad. I do really miss you though. Phal's party tomorrow...today? 9/11 (That's the 9th Of The 11th - I realise it may cause issues, but I was brought up date/month, and American Football fixture lists still feel a little novelty. I digress)


Re: Wash in France! by Wash! on 2002-11-11 12:02:36  |  Reply to this
Dude, I am. I am so at the end of a phone, just a wee bit more dear. You should call me. Not often you hear this, but: I saw Vince today!!!! It was great to see him again, really great, and though i didnt get to the game last week, theres a chance i can go next week. Lets wait and see. Anywho, i gave Vince the address of PDC so hopefully we may be blessed with his presence sooner or later. Sacresacha, we await you!!

Also, Phals party: bitch! I wrote to him last month wishing him a happy birthday on the 3rd October - stating that i was aware it COULD in fact be the 3rd November. No reply though, disappointing after i remembered and all from a land far far away. Ne'er mind. Anyway Kid, (whoah, nearly called you by your real name then!) if you/when you visit me here, we have a rendez-vous with vince lined up!

So call me, Big Kid!

Re: Wash in France! by Kid on 2002-11-11 15:00:21  |  Reply to this
  I tried to call you today - and I thought I'd texted you yesterday - really, just to say "Hi!" to S-S in the text, but I will definitely phone you in the near future. I know you phoned here, and I know our phone problem is notorious, but you should have an e-mail awaiting. I think.
Re: Wash in France! by Wash! on 2002-11-12 07:06:55  |  Reply to this
Good stuff, buddy. Look forward to speaking to you, especially as there are some things which cant really be said by SMS or email.

Gave a kick ass lesson today. The kids actually shook my hand and thanked me for a super lesson afterwards, and no, they werent being Gareth Jones (See 'What would Gareth Jackson do that Gareth Jones wouldnt'). Whats more, only english was spoken, not a word of french! I gave a new meaning to 'success lesson' today, people. Good times. AND Ive hardly spoken english for 4 days, just on the phone, oh, and in lessons of course, also happy days.

'Normalement' I will go to see Marseille play at the weekend, but 'Normalement' means 'perhaps' with a probability of 75per cent from what i can gather!

More soon, folks!

Wash in France!