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parent: Wash in France!

Re: Wash in France! by Wash! on 2002-11-11 12:02:36

Dude, I am. I am so at the end of a phone, just a wee bit more dear. You should call me. Not often you hear this, but: I saw Vince today!!!! It was great to see him again, really great, and though i didnt get to the game last week, theres a chance i can go next week. Lets wait and see. Anywho, i gave Vince the address of PDC so hopefully we may be blessed with his presence sooner or later. Sacresacha, we await you!!

Also, Phals party: bitch! I wrote to him last month wishing him a happy birthday on the 3rd October - stating that i was aware it COULD in fact be the 3rd November. No reply though, disappointing after i remembered and all from a land far far away. Ne'er mind. Anyway Kid, (whoah, nearly called you by your real name then!) if you/when you visit me here, we have a rendez-vous with vince lined up!

So call me, Big Kid!


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