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parent: Go Bananas!

Re: Go Bananas! by Wash! on 2003-02-07 04:56:28

I have a friend at uni who did actually slip on a banana skin, accidentally, and he said it was really really slippy. I mean, its no 'ice' in my opinion, but it sure does glisse. I was only talking about their very slippiness yesterday in fact, so i was quite surprised to read your comment. I was threatening someone, and told them that if they didnt do whatver they were supposed to be doing, id come over to Canterbury, strategically place a banana skin outside his door, and wait til the morning. Then when he came out of his room, he'd have dog shit all over his foot.

I bought 'nanas for the first time in my shopping-for-myself life yesterday, half thinking 'I want a chocolate banana and marshmallow crÍpe', but half thinking 'I want to make the most of this monkey-related foodstuff before its too late.
I ate one yesterday and i'm going to have another tonight for dessert. Maybe in a crÍpe. Maybe just to merely enjoy itin its simplicity, as many people do with me.

I really never thought i could write so much about bananas. I wanna get out more.

Bells gone. Got lessons now. (Thank goodness for that, i hear you say).


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