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parent: Costa Rican vacation summary.

Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-12 22:59:43

One of the things discussed in CR was the influence of British rock&roll on American. When I come home from work I, unlike most Americans, turn on my stereo hifi system, instead of the tube, and fucking rock out. In Costa I brought a jam box, a self contained musical output system unlike any the natives had ever seen. The music ranged from The Kinks, Beatles, Lynard Skynard, Van Halen and The Doors to Emminem, Chemical Bros. Prodigy and NWA. Quite the spectrum of compression waves to be hitting the eardrum. Anyway, I stated "The Brits had as much impact on our music as the other way round" to which I was jeered with "Our Delta blues made the difference in the UK" and "Without Elvis inspiring those fucks we wouldn't have heard shit out o' those MFs". "Your a bunch of stupid drunks" is what I yelled, followed by expletive after fucking expletive from the troop. "It was a mutually beneficial exercise of vocals and instruments recorded for the ears of all humanity" was my eventual summation. "Whatever" seemed to be these deep-thinkers reply. Anyway, I had a great time in CR. I visited a Starbucks today. They don't have Starbucks in CR. I love the sugary espresso drinks on the menu. They give me a hyperactivity buzz that's quite enjoyable. I'm thinking this may be reason enough not to pull up stakes and move to CR. I'll just vacation for as long as I deem feasible.

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