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Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-11 23:23:49

I'm Back. I do not want to be back and would love to move to Central America permanently as quickly as possible.I must make enough money to buy a parcel of land offered for sale by a wonderful ex-communist Nicaraguan named Philipe. I must also configure a satellite port that is reliable enough to allow me to work my trade. Not really too big an issue but needs thoughtful contemplation nonetheless. I enjoyed the friendship, sun, rain, wind, ocean and herbs of Costa Rica to such a degree that I really am speechless. Maybe just plain wordless in this instance. Words represent meaning and the full meaning of what I have to describe about my experience will not ever be adequately supplied by mere words. Yes, I'm sure of it. That does not help you understand my trip however and so I will write one paragraph more. I travelled 85 miles NNw of San Jose to the Peninsula De Nicoya. I was surrounded by lush jungle and rain forest and bunked not far from the beach. My friends from Houston, Austin and San Antonio ( E. B., a Cuban, was the interpreter and guide from Houston but spends half the year in CR) were spoiled by the natives. Unique concentrated alcohol drinks were poured day&night, Marijuana cultivated nearby was smoked, a satellite tv provided the superbowl, gameshow network (of all the channels provided we watched match game & family feud more than anything else) and the locals would entertain with music and dance. We surfed and I learned the techniques which made me an amateur surfer after one week's time. I slept in a hammock mostly and napped at random times of the day. I......am really sorry to be back. Shit this sucks writing about. I'm going back damnit. Soon hopefully. Anyway, You'll be glad to know the cost of living ain't to bad if you want to travel there.

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Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by Kid on 2003-02-12 08:06:43  |  Reply to this
  Souds amazing - I thought it was just a bit of jungle and coffee plantations. You sound like you really enjoyed it, but that only goes further in my quest to make people realise that Central America (I say probably...I've never been, but I've seen things that come from there - that's only partly sarcastic. You decide) probably rules.

If you do go back, I want coffee.
Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-12 23:15:59  |  Reply to this
  Kid, you're one sarcastic bastrad! No Kid, in all actuality your intuition has nailed the correct judgment. Costa Rica does rule, at least as far as Central American countries are concerned. Now about that topic on bananas. I have never seen so many banana trees in my life. Fresh bananas were so commonplace and so incredibly ripe(ripen and even rot on the tree) that I was bored of them after the first week. What's this shit about their disappearance?
Re: Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by Wash! on 2003-02-13 03:30:43  |  Reply to this
  They've been given 10 years before they die out. Much like the iraquis in that respect.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by Kid on 2003-02-13 04:57:39  |  Reply to this
  Ah, I don't want this (and not just your quite cute, to be honest, misspelling...I don't blame you, I just think your finger slipped, the keys are next to each other) at all. The Iraquis? It makes them sound like Star Trek villains. As ever, its just one prick forcing what he wants onto everybody else, who is scared of him (*Kid chuckles at the ambiguity of that sentence*). This is a bad thing, but someone is to blame. Bananas are dying out naturally, which is odd, and probably due to some screwing up of the earth by mankind, but not a direct result.

In short, whereas the Iraquis (I love that now. I'm gonna start calling them that. "If we take out the i-rack-wiss")will be actively destroyed, bananas are far more subtle.

However, they both have a death sentence on their good name.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-13 10:36:35  |  Reply to this
  I believe I know the person who can solve the banana problem. Linus Torvalds. Look at what he's done to Microsoft in 5 years time. He will simply apply the kernel Linux to the proper operating system and a biochemist will do some inputting and and the processor will do the outputting of the solution to this deliciously horrific situation. Iracquis still living at the time will be the first taste testers.

Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-12 22:59:43  |  Reply to this
  One of the things discussed in CR was the influence of British rock&roll on American. When I come home from work I, unlike most Americans, turn on my stereo hifi system, instead of the tube, and fucking rock out. In Costa I brought a jam box, a self contained musical output system unlike any the natives had ever seen. The music ranged from The Kinks, Beatles, Lynard Skynard, Van Halen and The Doors to Emminem, Chemical Bros. Prodigy and NWA. Quite the spectrum of compression waves to be hitting the eardrum. Anyway, I stated "The Brits had as much impact on our music as the other way round" to which I was jeered with "Our Delta blues made the difference in the UK" and "Without Elvis inspiring those fucks we wouldn't have heard shit out o' those MFs". "Your a bunch of stupid drunks" is what I yelled, followed by expletive after fucking expletive from the troop. "It was a mutually beneficial exercise of vocals and instruments recorded for the ears of all humanity" was my eventual summation. "Whatever" seemed to be these deep-thinkers reply. Anyway, I had a great time in CR. I visited a Starbucks today. They don't have Starbucks in CR. I love the sugary espresso drinks on the menu. They give me a hyperactivity buzz that's quite enjoyable. I'm thinking this may be reason enough not to pull up stakes and move to CR. I'll just vacation for as long as I deem feasible.
Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by Wash! on 2003-02-13 07:53:36  |  Reply to this
The hit (ok, flop) movie "Eight Legged Freaks" is on TV this week here in France. But, as they do, they have changed the title to a french name...

Live on your screens tonight, folks: "Arac Attack!"
A 2003 sequel to Honey, I blew up the Afghans starring Blair and Hussain (South Park The Movie) supporting lead role, G. Bush (Oscar nominated best nuke-comer 2002).
Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by tommie on 2003-02-14 09:16:07  |  Reply to this
  Whoo! I hope you didn't have any bot fly enounters! I'm sure you at least heard about them, didn't you? Check
1: http://mycostaricatrip.sitemanager.ims.net/learn/index.php?category_id=163
. Be sure to check the second link, and it's pics. It's... well...
Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by JohnnyG on 2003-02-14 11:35:34  |  Reply to this
  It seems the coastal area we stationed ourselves does not harbor all the manifestations of entymological nightmares as the interior forest of CR. The furthest inland our group made it was San Jose at the airport. So my scrotum is unblemished as is the rest of my body. I have some peeling skin from sun overexposure and that seems to be the worst affliction suffered.