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root: Costa Rican vacation summary.

parent: Re: Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Costa Rican vacation summary. by Kid on 2003-02-13 04:57:39

Ah, I don't want this (and not just your quite cute, to be honest, misspelling...I don't blame you, I just think your finger slipped, the keys are next to each other) at all. The Iraquis? It makes them sound like Star Trek villains. As ever, its just one prick forcing what he wants onto everybody else, who is scared of him (*Kid chuckles at the ambiguity of that sentence*). This is a bad thing, but someone is to blame. Bananas are dying out naturally, which is odd, and probably due to some screwing up of the earth by mankind, but not a direct result.

In short, whereas the Iraquis (I love that now. I'm gonna start calling them that. "If we take out the i-rack-wiss")will be actively destroyed, bananas are far more subtle.

However, they both have a death sentence on their good name.

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