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Re: Re: Re: Go Bananas! OK I will! by Wash! on 2003-02-18 05:36:46

Peaches freak me out with their velvet like peel. Melons are on the contrary a personal favourite. We should all make the most of the current banana days we live in, the bigger the better, and yes, cherries are better in small portions, as are grapes and slices of kiwi, otherwise you might feel temporarily full, but when you leave the house, you realise you've only eaten some cherries, and actually realise you could do with a sandwich or a bag of crisps. Melons definately the winner, and not just because of the conotation.

So pick your favourite, folks:
b)Seedless watermelon
c)Normal yellow melon
d)Cantaloupe (those small round ones, orange in the middle)

I say Cantaloupe

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Go Bananas! OK I will! by Voice on 2003-02-18 06:50:41  |  Reply to this
  Wash! - I feel bitter lemon would add balance and for that full-up feeling, try a pineapple.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Go Bananas! OK I will! by Kid on 2003-02-18 07:36:14  |  Reply to this
  Got to be seedless watermelon. I'd go for normal, but if you're saving me the effort I can turn it down. Its the king of the refreshing fruits, and reminds me of the Turtles that came in Kinder Eggs (What? Children don't hatch? Crappidy crap they sure do!) when we were bairns.

And I might have said Normal yellow melon, but you played it down. Do you mean a Gala melon?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Go Bananas! OK I will! by Ringo* on 2003-02-18 08:20:07  |  Reply to this
  Tough choice, cantaloupe or honey dew( the yellwo one) [p]hmm i go with ......................................... honey dew