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Re: Bios by Skiddy on 2003-03-18 01:13:39

After an oh too short birthday call to Wash (Happy Birthday dude) i was convinced to come and tell my story for you good people. I'm Mirfield born-and-raised and was schooled in the finest that Batley could offer. Am currently reaching the end of my time at uni, which is both a sad and cheerful time. Sad: I'll miss my friends, alcohol and many beautiful ladies. Cheerful: I fell me and education have just about run our course, so will have to move in the real world of alcohol and beautiful ladies that aren't as easily concentrated around one spot. What the future holds, i know not yet but looking forward to finding out.Hopefully some kind of career in writing, an interest i've had for years and which come out occasionally (Wash!,Ringo*, remember FLOPSTARS). I grew up with Ringo*, Wash! and Goau, and Kid was a welcome addition to my life about 5 years ago. I love you guys. Met Schlong once, I think. I think that about covers it without too much details. NIB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!

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Re: Re: Bios by [no name] on 2003-04-30 14:19:57  |  Reply to this
  del Pioli, my son, i do not firmly believe. Are you in France now? I believe you scored a sensational 22 yard lob for your hoe team in France who are about the equivalent of an Emley in the English league, or so Marco informs me. Its good to see, he seems to thin you are a malitious player and recently created you on pro evoution 2. Do yo wear blue boots? Incidentaly, i saw you on the front of the Examiner the othe day, you looked proud, yet disconsolate. I didn't notice you until Gareth pointed you out, he previously phoned me to tell me of the surprise but would'nt say what, I was pleased to see you, though with shorter hair, which isn't as good. I was also amused to hear your spiking of his drinks of which i lauged aboutprofusely though not to his enjoyment. And, typing on this is absoutely shite beacause frequently letters or spaces ar not picked up, so I am relying on you to be able to read it because I can't be arsed going through it all. So long lad.
Re: Re: Re: Bios by Wash! on 2003-04-30 23:58:05  |  Reply to this
  OK, what's with these names? Del Pioli, Marco, and Gareth! Who are these people??
I'm not actually Skiddy, but close!
Who the hell are you?

I wear silver boots. The 'A' team are as good as Emley, i play for the C's. I do have a tendancy to injure players of late! Seriously, i'd avoid me! In the past two games, in challenges with me, a guy tore his hamstring, i elbowed a guy, twatted a ball in a guys face, stamped on a guys foot, where it joins the ankle, but to mention a few!!!! Nothing malicious, just committment!

And spiking drinks?? I'm confused on that one! Seriously, whose? where? and when? That's not my style.

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