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From Photos To Nausea And Some Of The Way Back by Kid on 2003-04-30 14:14:56

I didn't see this. Shame. Its good. I, too, have many photographs, but I also gained a slight minty aroma that lingers with me still. Not entirely unpleasantly, but with considerable frustration. I deliberately try to avoid minty toothpastes, as I find they make me nauseous. I'm building up to lemon - I'm still in Colgate Herbal at the moment...it seems to have been taken off the market since I got my job lot in, and I did see the guy who sold me it in a mugshot not long ago. Well, the faceless corporation.

Run around faceless corporations...do I mean you? Do I? I have gripes. More of those later.

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Crap by Kid on 2003-04-30 14:15:12  |  Reply to this
  Grapes. I have grapes.