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parent: Reply if you have too much spare time.

Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by JohnnyG on 2003-09-21 22:52:53

In Austin texas some nights we have live musical festivals and being that this is the selfappointed live music capital of the world it happens more nights then not, i go out and listyen to music with my amigos and tonight was the City limits fest and the last band i really remember being up close and personal with was Rem. They played for hours and i never tired of listening to their music. I threw the frisbee back when it hit me in the head near the stage and also kicked a soccer ball back to a child when it landed in front of me (you see the venues in austin when its a big deal are outdoor stages and they are located in places near the river near and even on the soccer fields near Zilker park and so people relax and play and listen to sweet music and its quite heavenly at times and then soccer balls and kites and frisbees and other odd things hit you and make you realize everything compliments everything at these events) and so I tossed back beer after fucking beer followed by some tea with mushrooms picked out of south texas cow patties and now i'm freely typing like i do when i forget what the fuck i'm typing about but because i can type rather quickly i just keep on typing and lose the point as to what i;m saying. Oh yahhh, I had a wonderful time today and night and now i'm off to bed.

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Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by jade on 2004-06-20 01:06:54  |  Reply to this
  can u play the song please