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parent: No Ovaltine please!

Re: No Ovaltine please! by JohnnyG on 2003-10-23 23:41:59

What the fuck. I recall so many tastes in life and yet Ovaltine does not make the top 20. I would so much like to say, "I remember Ovaltine influencing my life". I have to buy this Ovaltine product again and infuse it with dopamine enhancing chemicals. That way the stimulus is received in such a way that I can at least measure the impact of sucrose along with other addictive ingredients saying "This chocolate drink is making me feel stimulated in so many ways not just because the addition of artificially produced dopamine/seratonin factors has been introduced but that I am smiling, laughing and orgasming uncontrollably due to the overall flavor of this product". Yes, That would add to my love of Ovaltine, I guarantee it!!!!

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