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root: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+

parent: Re: Re: Re: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+

Re: Re: Re: Re: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+ by Missy M on 2004-03-01 13:26:28

I went to a small Arts and Humanities college in London,UK. I dropped out in the 2nd year because I had next to no support. I had 8 hours of contact per week, 4 in lecture situation with a staff:student ratio of maybe 1:70, and then 4 hours in seminars (more like 1:12)- we had no 1:1 time as the college chose to divert all funding into its creative arts programme and I was studying English. I had next to no money, was quite ill, and nobody ever explained what I was supposed to be doing. I guess that sounds whingy- but the drop out rate for my course was stupidly high bearing in mind it didn't require much to get on the course in the first place. We all hated it. I feel robbed by my university; I'm not thick and I should have been able to get a degree. I've been signed off sick ever since I left and am still heavily in debt.

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