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parent: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+

Re: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+ by Lola on 2004-03-23 09:39:35

University? Collague? Further education in England is, in my view, going down the pan. I'm 14, so what I may have to say might suddenly be pointless to you, but I'm English, and I spend 6 1/2 hours, 5 days a week, 59 weeks a year in a class room, having my brain filled with pointless dribble. (Most of it anyway). Less than 1/4 of the things we learn in school are actually worth while and are tings we actually -use-. Over 3/4 of the other garbage doesn't evern appear in tests, unless you wish to specalize in topics and area's of work. Most lessons, like german, seem pointless to me. english is one of the most spoken langues in the world, and german is only spoken in Austria and Germany? (I think! Or very few countries!) And I doubt I'll be going on a holiday there! We have as many German lessons as we do Maths! And instead of wasting my time with german, I could be doing extra maths, which in my eyes, is more important, and a subject I need extra practise with. School teaches to you to think their way, act how they want you to act, feel what your supposed to feel, and be who they want you to be. All kind of self expression is stamped down. It's a jail to keep kids off the streets and to cause crime. I'mt aking my opinions, and they forced kids to do things they don't -want- to do. Nothing has changed in the 50 years of my schoo being open, and nothing will do for another 50. We still haven't moved on. I rest my small case in a big world.

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