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parent: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+

Re: Educational standards: USA/Europe/College+ by JohnnyG on 2004-03-26 23:24:35

Yah Wash, I second that thought and Kid makes good on his writings as well. When attending school in San Antonio I was educated amongst the offspring of Conquistadors and in travelling with these particular Hispanics to Mexico ( I am a European "mestizo" of UK & Nordic descent so I need help with matters south of the Texas border and those crazy Spaniards sure populated the hell out of these regions and the regions of Mexico/Central & South America for reasons that include gold and religion so I defer to them when on their turf and using their language) it was enjoyable having studied Espanol and being able to communicate with the Aztecs on firm ground knowing that my Spanish teacher instructed me well in regard to Mexican history. This same teacher tolerated my inability to roll my rrrrrrrrrrrr's and enunciate words such as "otra vez" without the lisp I thought was required. Bottom line here is that the study of language, any language, helps you understand a cultural perspective as well as proper enunciation. Sometimes speaking the language is less important then understanding the culture. At least that's what I keep telling myself as I continually butcher the Spanish language. Mach schnell on the Deutsche mit fraulein. Shit, you guys know I can't speak German either. However, it is important to know your educational weakness.

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