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parent: Is Portugal Shit?

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Nick on 2007-11-07 10:14:52

Yeah Portugal is Fucking WONDERFUL. Instead of paying 5019123923 dollar for a fuking bottle of cheap-ass wine we actually pay the deserving amount - 12 Euros, and that for the cheap ones. -We have great fuking women, much better then your fat-ass obese ugly women (if you even call them women, more like beasts). -Great weather (were don't have fucking hurricanes everywhere destroying everywhere). -Yeah, we might not make as much money as you guys but it doesen't matter becuse it rather work for 7 hours and have lunch breaks and holidays and recreation and that shit then have to sit in a fuking cube all day and get paid nothing for it. -Beaches, yes we have REAL beaches here and the polluted ones in Califonria don't count. -Less black people, we have less black people to deal with which equals less crime. -We use the rest of Europe as our toilets, we send all of our garbage to Spain so those dirty spicks can make fuking slums out of it. -Cultured, we actually have some culture and no, culture is not eating fat ass burgers and sitting on your ass all day and watching baywatch. -Speak more than one language, in Portugal we speak English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish while you lazy asswipes only no one language. - Better than you, were better than you!

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Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Miss Murder on 2007-11-07 17:57:11  |  Reply to this
  No need to get defensive. I'm sure your point would have been respected more if you cut the obscenities and didn't insult America.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by lololol on 2010-03-18 13:59:34  |  Reply to this
  wow first nice grammar lol you obviously never attended a school or you paid more attention to how bad the ports and spicks stink than studying. secondly, you CANNOT make it any more clear that you are jealous of americans, you would do ANYTHING to move to america. dont you see that you want to be here so badly that you cant even hide it for a second. you are the most pathetic person in the world. and i bet youre horribly ugly as well