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Is Portugal Shit? by Kid on 2003-02-16 08:28:37

I used to think it was. On the surface...its a load of crap. Nothing is different there. Everyone is the same, the same language, the same pigmentation, even the same name. This is, of course, because of their isolation due to the relative power of Spain. However, I've grown quite attracted to the idea of a country where every woman is called Maria, and every man Manuel or Antonio. Saves a lot of trouble. It'd be like a school uniform, except a uniformity in life. Not like those crazy Brazilians. Oh no. So....is Portugal shit?

I say NO

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Re: Is Portugal Shit? by JohnnyG on 2003-02-16 13:21:23  |  Reply to this
  I enjoy Port wine. Some Texans need the explanation "You know this Port wine comes from Portugal". I've educated them to the point that they no longer tell others "This stuff comes from California, some asshole town called Port".
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid. on 2003-02-16 14:07:13  |  Reply to this
  I'm with you all the way on the Port thing. From an ancient Carthaginian port, dontcha know? (The orginally named Porto). Olives grow well in the south too, by all accounts. A very African climate. (I shouldn't know this. Mine was strictly a language essay. Oh, well. C'est la vie)
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Wash! on 2003-02-16 14:44:37  |  Reply to this
  Port (actually called Porto here) is great. Like sherry, but just that extra bit classier. Don't mix it with several beers, vodka and tonic and a dodgy cocktail or you will be ill. They should put that on the label. On the "whether Portugal is good" front, i have a bit of knowledge. I work in the holidays with many a Portugoose, not many of which are bright enough to speak and English whatsoever, but i've had a good deal of conversation about Portugal with those who can. By all accounts its like Spain. Well you can't really say that, it's a big country with many an identities, Basque, Catalan... No es olé, es olé y es muchas mas cosas. Es flaménco y es muchas mas cosas. I digress. Its like southern spain, but even more relaxed as far as rules on the old fiesta go, and such other things. Its the whole thing of "You always want to do what you're not allowed to do" This laxe attitude, in which pretty much anything is allowed induces many problems with drugs and consequently drug related crime. However, nowhere's perfect, and as far as the beaches and foreign exports go... is Portugal shit?

Not as good as Spain, but a lot better than Luxembourg.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by [no name] on 2013-03-06 19:52:41  |  Reply to this
  ' not many of which are bright enough to speak and English whatsoever'. And you do you speak any other language beside yours? Stop being a dick mate
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Jone Bonne on 2003-03-10 12:23:09  |  Reply to this
  [quote]This is, of course, because of their isolation due to the relative power of Spain.[/quote] Funny this sentence lol Power of Spain ?? We're independent!! lol And, besides to all our problems in Portugal, I say NO!
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid. on 2003-03-10 15:56:19  |  Reply to this
  So, you'd be willing to deny that Portugal gained independence from Spain and then extended its borders eastward across the Iberian peninsula then? Or was it the power of Spain that, despite Portugal's independence, since oooh, 1134 say, prevented that spread except in a maritime way?
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid. on 2003-03-10 15:56:44  |  Reply to this
  That first question went wrong. I'm sure you know what I meant.
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Maria on 2010-06-30 13:23:58  |  Reply to this
  dude... i don't know who you are but you're utterly stupid. Portugal didn't get independence from Spain! Portugal is in fact an older country than Spain. the romans named the iberian peninsula 'hispania'. it wasn't a country but a region with loads of different peoples and languages – disorganised and considered barbaric. When the arabs conquered the iberian peninsula it was still called hispania. The Portuguese were the first in the iberian peninsula to conquer land from the moors and gather what is now Portugal. when the rest of 'hispania' finally expelled the moors and named itself Spain (1491), Portugal was Portugal for at least 400 years and was already conquering lands in Africa! So mind your ignorance and arrogance! Read instead of gossiping! You're a fraud!
Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by André on 2011-05-17 00:49:35  |  Reply to this
  Kudos Maria
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by PORTUGAL RULES on 2003-03-10 15:27:46  |  Reply to this
  quote: "On the surface...its a load of crap. Nothing is different there. Everyone is the same, the same language, the same pigmentation, even the same name." /end quote Well, a least WE PORTUGUESE are proud to be genuine and not a mix of race,color and languages.Americans are the native indians, all the rest is Crap , imported from Spain,Italy,England and so on... WE have an UNIQUE language , not an adultered language.We know where USA is located , but you still haven´t found that we have nothing to do with Spain, except for the borders. AND what about all JOHN´s , Peter´s , Mary´s ,in USA ?? Another guy said where were not smart enough to speak English???? Don´t make me laugh , everyone learns to speak english in 2 or 3 weeks ( my 5 year old son speakes english). What about if you try to Speak Portuguese???? Hard isn´t it??? So, who´s dumbass??
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid. on 2003-03-10 15:54:22  |  Reply to this
  So you agree with me, then?

After all, the conclusion I came to is that Portugal is very much insular, undiluted and above all things Portuguese.

Most importantly, the thing we've established is that Portugal is NOT shit. I can't stress that enough. The question came as a result of my initial impression having read one linguistic article on the countries language history.

Incidentally, I'm not buying that languages are 'adultered'.
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by sure on 2010-03-18 14:06:35  |  Reply to this
  sure ok learn english in 2-3 weeks lol then take the s.a.t. tests. your grammar is horrible you cannot speak english, and if your skin and language is what u are proud of, thats the most pathetic thing i have ever heard. but you seem so sure that you are correct even though you are wrong. kinda sounds like a port or a spick lol

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid on 2003-03-10 15:59:51  |  Reply to this
  Can I also take this opportunity, amidst all this Portuguese controversy - something that I don't quite understand, given that I've only ever spoken positively (possibly a tocuh flippant with the name thing) about it. Try www.portcult.com - There is a lot of language pages there.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Moliko on 2003-03-11 18:39:20  |  Reply to this
  Do you know a little bit about WORLD HISTORY ???? or do you think that before USA there was nothing? Nowadays we are a small country, economicaly inferior to our european brothers like the French or the Germans but we were a great nation some centuries ago (XV and XVI centuries). Spain and Portugal ruled the world (economically speaking). For more information search for The Tordesilhas Treaty... i can say that we are a proud people, with traditions and we like it.. In second: foreign languages are teached in our public schools so every child, teenager and young adult knows to speak, to read and to write other languages like english or french. In third: Like in ALL countries there are common names.. Maria and Antonio are the most commom but there are also others like Fernando, Teresa, Rodrigo, Diogo, Joana and more... In fourth: Do you know that Brazil was a Portuguese colony?? If you dont i sent you back to my first point and learn some world history. This was only to say that we share a lot of traditions with the Brazilians and in many ways they are like us... but with better weather and girls :) And with this i conclude my argument... maybe you visited the wrong places in Portugal...
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid on 2003-03-12 14:14:04  |  Reply to this
  Jeepers, I grow weary of this. I feel bad in a different way. I feel bad that other people don't take the care to read or understand. So, then Moliko.

1. Yes, I'm fully aware of the history before the U.S.A., did it ever occur to you that maybe not everybody is from America? And yes, as I have said, Portugal has a proud maritime tradition, it has colonies on many continents...of the top of my head..Brazil (S. America), Mozambique (Africa). I know as well there were places like Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome?

2. Yes, I expect everyone learns modern foreign languages, but I am talking about language history...and there has been precious little influence onto the Portuguese tongue over time (Tras-os-Montes, you say? But how isolated is that area?). This is something that will change, as the rest of the world will, as the technology is primarily termed in American English.

3. Yes, like in all countries the names can be the same. However, upto about 4/5 generation ago, Portugal was singular in its regulatory names - unlike Brazil, famous for its wide range of names (and 'inho' suffix). Hence the joke at the end.

4. I refer you to both my answer to point 1, and to the first point in this chain. And then some of the others.

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Alisha on 2003-07-17 07:07:21  |  Reply to this
  portuguese people kick ass dont be talkin smack! email me lilportagee232@comcast.net full portuguee in the house :)
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid on 2003-07-17 08:16:11  |  Reply to this
  I was surprised to see this comment resurrected, and not pleasantly so. I was proved right once again.
Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by Santos on 2004-01-02 11:17:33  |  Reply to this
  No, Portugal is not shit, but spain sucks!!! Spanish people are liars, thiefs and cheats. Today they even try to steal land from Portugal. Portugal is much older than Spain and has a much richer history. In north west spain they even speak portuguese not spanish!! they can't even have their own language!! What is the nationality of Christopher Columbus? well italians will say italian, spaniards will say spanish and Portuguese will tell u facts that r known about him! facts that suggest he is portuguese. Basically Portuguese will be truthful and tell u why they think what they do, spaniards are arrogant and have no intelligence! Spain thinks it's so much better, well if u look at the history between the 2 country's u will see, they have lost more wars and have not acheived as much as Portugal. So to quote Muhammed Ali "they can't beat us physically, nor mentally"!!! Thank you for reading!
Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by Portuguese in Northern Spain? hahahahah on 2004-04-17 10:36:18  |  Reply to this
  You stupid Portuguese, don't know what you're talking about! Portuguese language evolved from Galician. Saying that in Galicia (NW Spain) Portuguese is spoken is like saying that American is spoken in England! They are not the same. Talking about history: Spain has lost more wars than Portugal, that's true. Portugal has been a "de facto" English protectorate since the re-independence from Spain in the 1600s. Spain has achieved less than Portugal. Well, i'm not the one to say, because that's quite ambiguous, only to reply, a fact: Spain's GDP $16.000/capita, Portugal's GDP $8.000/capita. I like Portugal, I like Portuguese but I hate when some portuguese throw their envious shit against us. bye
Re: Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by Wash! on 2004-04-18 16:13:30  |  Reply to this
  Ha ha! I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read that Portugoose's comment about Spanish speaking Portugese in Galicia!. As a matter of fact, i have a Galician friend, and a friend who is bilingual in Portugese/ English. They were talking in their repective languages the other night and understood each other almost prefectly! Yes! But a Spanish and Italian couple could do the same. And yeah, it is almost as dumb as saying English people speak American. As for the other comments, well, it's too late, and i'm too tired to comment on them. Was only passing the computer room on my way home, and agreed with your comment, Mr. Random. Anyway, Spain kicks Portugal's arse... though wait til the Euro Championships, where i'll inevitably be proved wrong!!! You'll see! That said, it is all about the capita!
Re: Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by STRANGERHOOD on 2007-10-03 11:04:09  |  Reply to this
  fuck you! spain is not a shit! you are a bastard and a fucked son of a bitch! go to hell!
Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by [no name] on 2004-04-27 10:52:20  |  Reply to this
  Tu eres un hijo de puta portugues, asi que te jodes, ademas al Oporto lo va a eliminar el depor, donde hablan español y gallego, estupido ignorante. Que sabrás tu de la historia de españa. Qu ete follen, a ti y todos los gitanos portugueses, no hay más que mirar a figo para darse cuenta de lo gitanos qeu sois.
Re: Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by dark on 2007-10-03 11:27:59  |  Reply to this
  Estoy contigo, tio que le den por el culo a ese portugués hijo de la gran puta y a ese gilipollas ingles que dice que españa apesta pues mira que ellos no se lavan. que les follen!
Re: Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by Ross on 2010-07-12 23:26:13  |  Reply to this
  os espanhóis só sabem responder insultando ^^
Re: Re: Is Spain Shit? YES!!! by Viriato on 2004-05-22 11:51:52  |  Reply to this
  Excuse me, I'm Spanish-portuguese, my mother is portuguese, and my father Spanish, and, you are wrong dear friend, in the northwest of Spain the people speak GALLEGO, It's like ancient Spanish and Portuguese. I love Spain and Portugal. ¡VIVA IBERIA!
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Megs on 2004-05-18 12:31:00  |  Reply to this
  Portugal kicks ass, nice fish dishes and orange juice. Really most places are ok, EXCEPT BLOODY WALES - ITS SO MISERABLE!!! Don't mind some of the welsh though... except the ones that talk in their strange choke-y language behind your back, grrrr. All I wanna do is buy a pack of crisps mr shopkeeper, not listen to you flemming up insults to your mate in your little language. Nice valleys in wales though - see? Even wales has a saving grace.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Ferrit on 2004-05-20 16:25:47  |  Reply to this
  Quite pleasant in its own little way and nufty for a holiday. But it can't beat that much prime grade meat, because if it did then the portuguese would all be in portugal, as opposed to Lowestoft which is where they all actually are. And I met one called Marina, and she was, indeed, wet. And stocked to the gills with live sea life.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by tom on 2004-06-01 08:28:39  |  Reply to this
  If you like portugal, then go. If you dont, then dont. Simple as ABC and 123. Try talking about something important like Liss and JafFa's party!
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by JohnnyG on 2004-06-15 12:25:12  |  Reply to this
  What luck for England in Lisbon. David Beckham was in tears during his most recent stay in the country of Portugal. Here in Texas they rebroadcast a match between the Frenchy folk and the English. Incredible what can happen to a team in just a few minutes of play. Will you not get a second shot at avenging this strange defeat?
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Wash! on 2004-06-16 07:35:34  |  Reply to this
  Johnny! Sympathy appreciated! This is how it works: There are four groups of four teams. So each team plays three games. Then the top two teams in each group go through to the quarter finals. We dramatically lost to France, but we're playing Switzerland on Thursday, and Croatia on Monday. On paper, and judging by the way the latter two teams performed the other night, we should win. But you saw the match on Sunday! Football's a funny old game! If we proceed, and France proceed, there is a chance that we will meet again, in Lisbon again, in the Final, on July 4th. It's not over yet. And revenge could be the sweetes its ever been, not least if we beat the Germans in the semis.
Early days yet, though! I'll keep you posted!
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by JohnnyG on 2004-06-16 12:13:30  |  Reply to this
  Again Wash, best of luck to England. If I were allowed and possessed proper leg/kick strength, agility/balance, and speed/quickness I certainly would contribute to your island community's team. Please keep me posted Wash, especially if you happen to know the American sport channel and time of broadcast for the "live" game so that I might record it.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by JohnnyG on 2004-06-24 10:05:12  |  Reply to this
  The Portugese play football tonight (June 24). So then, is Portugal shit?
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by steph on 2004-06-24 13:42:56  |  Reply to this
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by stephi on 2004-06-24 13:44:36  |  Reply to this
  i hate the portugease bastereds fuckin they are all dirty cunts i hate the football teem they can all fuck themselves
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by stephi on 2004-06-24 13:45:14  |  Reply to this
  i hate the portugease bastereds they are all fuckin dirty cunts i hate the football teem they can all fuck themselves
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by GOAU on 2004-06-25 16:05:51  |  Reply to this
  Bless, and i thought i couldn't spell! anyway, HUGELY disappointed about the result last night, even moreso that i had to watch it in a room of 13 girls, who didn't even know which way we were bloody kicking, and myself! oh the throws of a modern relationship. Maybe everyone really does hate england and english football, apart from my scottish housemate who was as gutted as i was. FAIRPLAY BOYS! YOU DID US PROUD, BUT YOU CAN'T ALWAYS BE ON TOP. nighty nite
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Borkus on 2004-06-25 18:50:55  |  Reply to this
  Beckham will catch hell. He's a good footman but his mental edge is lacking. Owen, we love you!
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by GOAU on 2004-06-26 05:33:42  |  Reply to this
  To be fair we were all absolutely gutted for him to have only got one goal. His effort definately deserved more but it's a dog eat dog world. Star of the show for me as far as England were concerned was Ashley Cole, hardly put a foot wrong, and as for Mr Rooney, well, let's hope he hasn't peaked too soon! Beckham looked exhausted, both mentally and physically, i'm normally full of his praises but yes he was SHITE! RIP Euro 2004
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by james on 2004-12-17 02:38:50  |  Reply to this
  yeah it is shit i hate the bastards !!!
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Kid on 2004-12-17 15:42:23  |  Reply to this
  You're wrong, man. Portugal rules.
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Portugese Saluter on 2004-12-25 12:06:46  |  Reply to this
  Have you seen a Portugese sailor salute? I want everyone on this site to guess what kind of salute it might be by the 8th of January. When I judge the best of the replys I will give the winner the proper salute as his reward (Portugese salute). This will be such great fun!
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by ok on 2006-04-22 11:48:24  |  Reply to this
  Yes, it is a shit place to live and work. Portuguese people are the most boring, brain-dead morons I've ever encountered. They have no personality, no initiative and they always think that they are right about everything. They bear a permanent grudge against the rest of the world. A person that would be considered a social reject anywhere else would be considered completely normal here. That's the real reason this country is in permanent decline. I'm getting out as soon as I can.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by ManuPan on 2006-07-08 19:04:22  |  Reply to this
  The country, I know not much about. But is it right that the reputation of a whole country's fooball team is tarnished by one idiot of a player? Ok. Portugal have never been my favourite team ever but I feel the team's/country's persecution by the press, amongst others, for the actions of one twattish spoilt little shit bag is unjustified.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Bill Madison on 2006-07-15 22:48:27  |  Reply to this
  Yes, tis a shitty country. No productivity gains reported in years. Unmotivated lifeless inhabitants. Even the whores are lazy............................................................................Brazil, now that's a Portugese wonder!
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Paulo on 2006-10-05 02:15:13  |  Reply to this
  Yes, Portugal is shit, just like Spain is. Thanks to the 500 years of catholic inquisition. But Spain not only is a shitty, retarded country, but its inhabitants are incomensurably delusional! Back in Spain, they really do think they actually rule the world! For instance they refuse to speak english or any other language except their own, they are arrogant with tourists, they enslave immigrants in very backward farms, and the list goes on and on. We know we suck! But don't ask a spaniard to face reality. They can't! They probably are the silliest people in the world today.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Nick on 2007-11-07 10:14:52  |  Reply to this
  Yeah Portugal is Fucking WONDERFUL. Instead of paying 5019123923 dollar for a fuking bottle of cheap-ass wine we actually pay the deserving amount - 12 Euros, and that for the cheap ones. -We have great fuking women, much better then your fat-ass obese ugly women (if you even call them women, more like beasts). -Great weather (were don't have fucking hurricanes everywhere destroying everywhere). -Yeah, we might not make as much money as you guys but it doesen't matter becuse it rather work for 7 hours and have lunch breaks and holidays and recreation and that shit then have to sit in a fuking cube all day and get paid nothing for it. -Beaches, yes we have REAL beaches here and the polluted ones in Califonria don't count. -Less black people, we have less black people to deal with which equals less crime. -We use the rest of Europe as our toilets, we send all of our garbage to Spain so those dirty spicks can make fuking slums out of it. -Cultured, we actually have some culture and no, culture is not eating fat ass burgers and sitting on your ass all day and watching baywatch. -Speak more than one language, in Portugal we speak English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish while you lazy asswipes only no one language. - Better than you, were better than you!
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Miss Murder on 2007-11-07 17:57:11  |  Reply to this
  No need to get defensive. I'm sure your point would have been respected more if you cut the obscenities and didn't insult America.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by lololol on 2010-03-18 13:59:34  |  Reply to this
  wow first nice grammar lol you obviously never attended a school or you paid more attention to how bad the ports and spicks stink than studying. secondly, you CANNOT make it any more clear that you are jealous of americans, you would do ANYTHING to move to america. dont you see that you want to be here so badly that you cant even hide it for a second. you are the most pathetic person in the world. and i bet youre horribly ugly as well
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Ramathorn on 2008-02-06 12:44:45  |  Reply to this
  My god... this site still exists, with familiar names! Hey Kid, hey Wash... guess who?
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by bolabo on 2008-02-29 13:33:20  |  Reply to this
  I wish I could make it to Portugal when I was in Spain, I've heard good stuff about Lisbon. I am not sure if Portugal is shit, but my experience with Portuguese people is shitty. Most of the Portuguese that I've met here in North America or in Spain have two things in common, they were all full of themselves and ignorant. In Spain, they try hard to prove it to you as forigner that they're better than Spaniards, in a way that they speak better English. However, in my opinion, Spanish people are way ahead of Portuguese, they're more friendly, smarter, and down to earth. For the above commenter who mentioned that they descend from a pure portuguese race, that's very untrue, check the history, the Moors left their seeds in Portugal and Spain, ever wondered why a lot of Portuguese look like arabs? Besides, diversity in the US or anywhere else, is a virtue, Americans are proud of it.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Dário on 2010-01-21 02:34:50  |  Reply to this
  Yep. Portugal definitly is a shit! I am a portuguese who lives in Viana do Castelo although I wasn't born in Portugal. I've been living here for 16 years and now I'm trying to get the hell out of here. The portuguese are a bunch of Hill billies and ignorants. They are always looking behind in time, proud of having been a colonial empire, like it is honorable to enslave other people. They all say: "We had half of the World in our hands once". First of all, it was half of the unknown world. Secound, it's easy to conquer others when they don't have a war technology as advanced as our own. Third, looking at the past as something good won't help you to construct a better future.rnThe portuguese are lazy, they always come late and have no discipline whatsoever. They just want to get drunk and eat.rnThis country is shit, the economy is on its knees and people are uneducated, yet they dare to say all the rest is shit.rnThe portuguese are also cowards...real cowards. They do whatever the state tells them to do and don't ever revolt against the decisions and laws that are bad for themselves. This country is a dictator's wet dream. People are like cattle that goes werever they are told to go as long as they have football, alcohol and Holy Mary.rnThe portuguese are also racists and xenophobes and they always make sick jokes about black people and they keep saying that Angola and Mozamibique were better places when they were under portuguese authority.rnThe climate is not as good as the portuguese claim either. Particularly not in the North of the country as it rains the whole Spring, Autumn and Winter and it's very cold. During the Summer there are some sunny days but they are unpleasent due to the moist.rn I could spend my whole day talking about these shitty assholes and their cheap country, but I have to go back to work. If you are thinking about moving here, think twice.rn
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by citizen on 2010-03-18 11:57:45  |  Reply to this
  Spain exports the worst people in the world by every definition of the word "worst". Thats why the antichrist will be from spain. They are the dumbest and the most selfish. Not to mention most arrogant and prideful. Basically they are the worlds biggest sinners and the worst influence on the rest of society. Total losers. Complete wastes of space.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by citizenalso on 2010-03-18 12:03:52  |  Reply to this
  If you disagree with me, you probably like to have gay sex with children and animals, you should kill yourself. And youre probably very ugly also.
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by maybe on 2010-03-18 12:15:24  |  Reply to this
  Just realized theres actually a debate here between spain and portugal! lol How can you be so stupid? Oh yeah right! duh what was i thinking? lol Let me make this perfectly clear. Both of you suck worse than everyone else on the planet and everyone knows it. Anyone who has had some interaction with the ports or the spicks knows very well that they are the "worst" people in the world and it would be a better place if they all were gone.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by bye on 2010-03-18 14:13:20  |  Reply to this
  fuck you both
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Biggy on 2010-03-19 08:28:41  |  Reply to this
  I'm trying my best to do you bitch. How much fucking dinero ($$) does it take?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by this sucks on 2010-03-22 10:11:14  |  Reply to this
  if one post is all this will get just forget it, ive known spanish and portuguese most of them were good people, a few of them did some greasy things to me, but most of the ones i grew up with and went to school with were nice, just like every other group i ever knew, that's why the terrorists hate New York City, here its obvious that people from all over the world act the same when you put them together, we are all people. The lies the terrorists tell are not true.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Cunt FACE on 2010-03-21 03:11:00  |  Reply to this
  Vao todos levar no cu
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by america é a verdadeira merda on 2010-04-27 16:33:05  |  Reply to this
  Nem mais, no dia em que perceberem o que está aqui escrita, hão-de entender que não passam de merda e nem sabem distinguir a comida da própria merda. Quanto aos espanhois, desde que não nos chateiem são porreiros. Quanto aos americanos, bem que podiam ir todos para o Iraque e morrer lá!
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by [no name] on 2010-07-12 00:12:51  |  Reply to this
  independence to catalonia now! fuck spain and the imperialist castillans
Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Portugal Sucks on 2010-08-08 15:02:55  |  Reply to this
  Portugal=Merda voces sao burros, acham que niguem dos EUA sabe falar outra idioma, eu sei que o meu portugues nao e perfeito mas e melhor que o "ingles" que os portugueses tentam escrever aqui you wish you could live in the US
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by jgs on 2010-08-13 17:24:15  |  Reply to this
  You're right, Portugal is fucking shit, and Spain too. I'm Spanish, so I can tell you that everything in this fucking country is fucking shit. Our lenguage is shit, our traditions are shit, and our fucking pseudo-culture is the most filthy shit in the fucking world. Spain is the fucking worst state of the United Europe. How could we compare this shit with great nations such as Germany, Sweden or Norway? The fucking Spanish stereotipes (gypsies, bullfighting and all that rubbish) are bullshit, and flamenco is the worst kind of music I've ever listened. Our tipical gastronomy (probably the only good stuff here, after all) isn't even ours. Paella is Catalan, and Catalans don't wanna be Spanish! Little wonder why Catalan and Basque people don't want to belong to that shit: they feel ashamed of being Spanish! And Portugal is just a fucking bad imitation of Spain... Sorry about my grammar, Spanish education is bullshit.
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Cagalhao on 2010-09-06 02:05:40  |  Reply to this
  You surprised me whith that comment about hating Spain. Portugal a bad immitation of Spain, man that's funny.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by YOUR FUCKING MOTHER on 2011-01-12 19:52:09  |  Reply to this
  portugal is a total shit living here is a fucking hell !!!!!!!!, and the worst is living it this motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!! vou todos apanhar no cu da filha da puta da vossa geraÇao vermes imbecis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .|.
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Victoria on 2011-04-16 02:08:21  |  Reply to this
  I'm portuguese and most of all this stuff I've been reading is the real s***. I feel sorry for those who have such a shallow viewpoint about Portugal, I thought that closed minds were a part of past. Anyway, feel free to know the real essence of this country, you will always be welcome. Victoria
Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Rob on 2011-05-17 20:56:05  |  Reply to this
  Spain is a piece of shit stuck in the ass of Europe
Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by alberto Barreiro on 2013-07-08 23:40:17  |  Reply to this
  All but all are ignorant. I´m from one or so called portugese COLONOIES -- ANGOLA, and I´m tottaly disturbed by total ignorance of the what it was written before mainly due to ignoraqnce which is very common with portuguese because they are so small in every way without understanding the facts of history and the faith of those who live and fought during what they call the COLONIAL WAR, when most of them immigated to elsewhere afraid of being drafted to the army... they run like rabbits from the duties called by the government regardless, wrong or right, it was our duties. Many died during the thirteen years of conflict so myself as a pilot of the PORTUGUESE AIR FORCE I carried on my duties to the country which I loved and I was ready -- like many other -- friends or not, to sacrifice and died to something we all believe. However, due to leftist ideology our country from a proud history went to a defeated place in all fronts including the basic standards of an independent country with a proud centuries of history to a defeated and dependent of external help like pedlers asking for monies in every corner of streets which I prefer to call SOCIETY. Look what you stupid and ignorant people who wrote along this opportune electronic space to talk about history about the country. Yes, I´m a former veteran which they denied my eight years of figthing for believes which I learned from chillwood to be confronted by lousy interpreters of that hopelless country which make me sick. I sincerely believe that many of those written lines before where written by deplorable people whom I believe are not but a bunch of ignorant and desperated believers which are benefiting from the usual chat of the PUBLIC promoters of SUCH GREAT achievements of that silly and small place. I use to believe in my country until 1974 -- the ESTADO NOVO however what we had gain from that... O ESTADO DE SITIO. Alberto