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parent: Is Portugal Shit?

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Dário on 2010-01-21 02:34:50

Yep. Portugal definitly is a shit! I am a portuguese who lives in Viana do Castelo although I wasn't born in Portugal. I've been living here for 16 years and now I'm trying to get the hell out of here. The portuguese are a bunch of Hill billies and ignorants. They are always looking behind in time, proud of having been a colonial empire, like it is honorable to enslave other people. They all say: "We had half of the World in our hands once". First of all, it was half of the unknown world. Secound, it's easy to conquer others when they don't have a war technology as advanced as our own. Third, looking at the past as something good won't help you to construct a better future.rnThe portuguese are lazy, they always come late and have no discipline whatsoever. They just want to get drunk and eat.rnThis country is shit, the economy is on its knees and people are uneducated, yet they dare to say all the rest is shit.rnThe portuguese are also cowards...real cowards. They do whatever the state tells them to do and don't ever revolt against the decisions and laws that are bad for themselves. This country is a dictator's wet dream. People are like cattle that goes werever they are told to go as long as they have football, alcohol and Holy Mary.rnThe portuguese are also racists and xenophobes and they always make sick jokes about black people and they keep saying that Angola and Mozamibique were better places when they were under portuguese authority.rnThe climate is not as good as the portuguese claim either. Particularly not in the North of the country as it rains the whole Spring, Autumn and Winter and it's very cold. During the Summer there are some sunny days but they are unpleasent due to the moist.rn I could spend my whole day talking about these shitty assholes and their cheap country, but I have to go back to work. If you are thinking about moving here, think twice.rn

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