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root: Is Portugal Shit?

parent: Re: Is Portugal Shit?

Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by citizenalso on 2010-03-18 12:03:52

If you disagree with me, you probably like to have gay sex with children and animals, you should kill yourself. And youre probably very ugly also.

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Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by maybe on 2010-03-18 12:15:24  |  Reply to this
  Just realized theres actually a debate here between spain and portugal! lol How can you be so stupid? Oh yeah right! duh what was i thinking? lol Let me make this perfectly clear. Both of you suck worse than everyone else on the planet and everyone knows it. Anyone who has had some interaction with the ports or the spicks knows very well that they are the "worst" people in the world and it would be a better place if they all were gone.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by bye on 2010-03-18 14:13:20  |  Reply to this
  fuck you both
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Biggy on 2010-03-19 08:28:41  |  Reply to this
  I'm trying my best to do you bitch. How much fucking dinero ($$) does it take?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by this sucks on 2010-03-22 10:11:14  |  Reply to this
  if one post is all this will get just forget it, ive known spanish and portuguese most of them were good people, a few of them did some greasy things to me, but most of the ones i grew up with and went to school with were nice, just like every other group i ever knew, that's why the terrorists hate New York City, here its obvious that people from all over the world act the same when you put them together, we are all people. The lies the terrorists tell are not true.