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parent: Is Portugal Shit?

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by jgs on 2010-08-13 17:24:15

You're right, Portugal is fucking shit, and Spain too. I'm Spanish, so I can tell you that everything in this fucking country is fucking shit. Our lenguage is shit, our traditions are shit, and our fucking pseudo-culture is the most filthy shit in the fucking world. Spain is the fucking worst state of the United Europe. How could we compare this shit with great nations such as Germany, Sweden or Norway? The fucking Spanish stereotipes (gypsies, bullfighting and all that rubbish) are bullshit, and flamenco is the worst kind of music I've ever listened. Our tipical gastronomy (probably the only good stuff here, after all) isn't even ours. Paella is Catalan, and Catalans don't wanna be Spanish! Little wonder why Catalan and Basque people don't want to belong to that shit: they feel ashamed of being Spanish! And Portugal is just a fucking bad imitation of Spain... Sorry about my grammar, Spanish education is bullshit.

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Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Cagalhao on 2010-09-06 02:05:40  |  Reply to this
  You surprised me whith that comment about hating Spain. Portugal a bad immitation of Spain, man that's funny.