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parent: Is Portugal Shit?

Re: Is Portugal Shit? by Rob on 2011-05-17 20:56:05

Spain is a piece of shit stuck in the ass of Europe

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Re: Re: Is Portugal Shit? by alberto Barreiro on 2013-07-08 23:40:17  |  Reply to this
  All but all are ignorant. Im from one or so called portugese COLONOIES -- ANGOLA, and Im tottaly disturbed by total ignorance of the what it was written before mainly due to ignoraqnce which is very common with portuguese because they are so small in every way without understanding the facts of history and the faith of those who live and fought during what they call the COLONIAL WAR, when most of them immigated to elsewhere afraid of being drafted to the army... they run like rabbits from the duties called by the government regardless, wrong or right, it was our duties. Many died during the thirteen years of conflict so myself as a pilot of the PORTUGUESE AIR FORCE I carried on my duties to the country which I loved and I was ready -- like many other -- friends or not, to sacrifice and died to something we all believe. However, due to leftist ideology our country from a proud history went to a defeated place in all fronts including the basic standards of an independent country with a proud centuries of history to a defeated and dependent of external help like pedlers asking for monies in every corner of streets which I prefer to call SOCIETY. Look what you stupid and ignorant people who wrote along this opportune electronic space to talk about history about the country. Yes, Im a former veteran which they denied my eight years of figthing for believes which I learned from chillwood to be confronted by lousy interpreters of that hopelless country which make me sick. I sincerely believe that many of those written lines before where written by deplorable people whom I believe are not but a bunch of ignorant and desperated believers which are benefiting from the usual chat of the PUBLIC promoters of SUCH GREAT achievements of that silly and small place. I use to believe in my country until 1974 -- the ESTADO NOVO however what we had gain from that... O ESTADO DE SITIO. Alberto