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parent: Imagine 4 years ago. Where were you?

Re: Imagine 4 years ago. Where were you? by Wash! on 2004-06-11 15:32:46

Here we are again, on the eve of a major tournament and our attention is taken to this time 4 years ago! I remember having just finished a-levels, and, planning on enjoying the euro championships before heading to Lloret with Ringo* Skiddy and Goau! The Euros were a shambles: it all ended in tears, outside a pub in Dyooosbry - thanks for that, Phil Neville! But Lloret ended sweetly, and that's where life really kicked off! Yes, i am 4 years old!

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Re: Re: Imagine 4 years ago. Where were you? by Kid on 2004-06-12 12:14:05  |  Reply to this
  I was here - living not in this particular comment, but everything that Wash says holds for me. Lloret, I didn't go - I wouldn't go today either (I can make good decisions). I remember that pub, too. I saw it when I was wandering round waiting for a train the other day. I wouldn' t say I was 4 years old, though...