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parent: Imagine 4 years ago. Where were you?

Re: Imagine 4 years ago. Where were you? by JohnnyG on 2004-06-15 11:55:32

Nearly four years ago to the day I was resting at the peak of a 14,000ft mountain somewhere in the Sangre De Cristo chain of mountains in SE Colorado watching the clear blue sky change to a menacing dark thunderhead formation. Within a span of approximately 30 minutes I went from a state of incredible tranquility to utter terror. Rain does not terrify me, I think it quite peace inducing but lightning sure the fuck flips the switch to absolute childlike incapacitating horror especially when it strikes in a high altitude area above the treeline. Thor looking down upon me and giving it his best shot missed. I have never run at full speed down a steep incline before in my life but the sound of lightning striking close enough to my body to electrostatically charge my skin was impetus enough. So, a lesson learned and death avoided June 2000.

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