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root: Why are Fig Rolls so damn nice?

parent: Re: Why are Fig Rolls so damn nice?

Re: Re: Why are Fig Rolls so damn nice? by Tom on 2004-12-15 03:29:53

Well you say that. I had a friend called Dave who was a firkin idiot. He didnít like fig rolls. I tried introducing him to the delights of fig rolls, some times even when he was sleeping just slipping one into his open jaw. But every time the same response, a spit and a funny look. Can someone please help me getting my friend to enjoy the delights of fig rolls. I know if he gave them a chance he, like me would fall deeply in love with them. Calling all fig roll lovers, we must unit and get the world loving those fantastic bic bics.

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Re: Re: Re: Why are Fig Rolls so damn nice? by Ferritt on 2004-12-20 06:34:26  |  Reply to this
  Quite simple my friend: You must glue your friend to the floor and force fig rolls into his gaping maw for around four hours straight. Eventually, he will jsut have to eat them to allow himself to breathe, and he will be overcome by the flavour and passion of the 'roll that he will forgive you the torture and life will progress, albeit in a slightly enriched way.