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Re: Re: Where Are You? by tommie on 1999-10-26 07:54:43

Hello, hello. Access again at last. After spending so much time at the tatto parlor, well... as they say... "when in Rome". It's absolutely beautiful! The design was drawn by my son... lotsa color. On to Daytona we went last Thursday... couple of hundred thousand bikers. It's something one cannot describe. Sure makes a freak show look tame. With my leathers, shaved head, goatee (temporary) and exposed tatoo I was able to move about undetected. Sunday we went to St. Augustine. The fountain of youth does not work. Monday was Savanah. This afternoon we drove to Athens, GA. More news to follow, as you sit at the edges of your seats awaiting. byebye (No time to proofread or chekc speeling.)

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Re: Re: Re: Where Are You? by Amelia on 1999-10-26 23:26:38  |  Reply to this
  Tommie, you know I love you so you will not mind that I laughed out loud to read, in the same sentence where you describe your florid new tattoo, your assurance that the goatee is only temporary.
Sounds like fun, O bearded one.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Where Are You? by tommie on 1999-10-27 03:16:53  |  Reply to this
  I am so pleased that you did laugh, Amelia, as I enjoy having seemingly paradoxical values. Because of my degree of exposure to deci$ion making customers, my goatee is not "acceptable"... my tattoo is not visible to them. My head has been shaved for about three years since my daughter gave me a buzz cut and told me I looked 10 years younger (I am 48) and I told her to cut the rest of it off. I did think of you during the trip, when we spent a few hours on Amelia Island. It is a beautiful place. There was so much "Amelia this" and "Amelia that"... it was MY turn to laugh when I passes a condo complex called "Atlantis on Amelia". Forgive my visualization... I'm only human. Bye now!