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Re: Re: Re: Where Are You? by Amelia on 1999-10-26 23:26:38

Tommie, you know I love you so you will not mind that I laughed out loud to read, in the same sentence where you describe your florid new tattoo, your assurance that the goatee is only temporary.
Sounds like fun, O bearded one.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Where Are You? by tommie on 1999-10-27 03:16:53  |  Reply to this
  I am so pleased that you did laugh, Amelia, as I enjoy having seemingly paradoxical values. Because of my degree of exposure to deci$ion making customers, my goatee is not "acceptable"... my tattoo is not visible to them. My head has been shaved for about three years since my daughter gave me a buzz cut and told me I looked 10 years younger (I am 48) and I told her to cut the rest of it off. I did think of you during the trip, when we spent a few hours on Amelia Island. It is a beautiful place. There was so much "Amelia this" and "Amelia that"... it was MY turn to laugh when I passes a condo complex called "Atlantis on Amelia". Forgive my visualization... I'm only human. Bye now!