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27 January 1999

4:00 PM: Eeenie Meenie, Jelly Beanie, the Snack!ers are about to eat! Mike & Ikes, specifically. They have Hot Tamales downstairs but I never liked those. I wonder when the movie's gonna start?

8:27: It is impossible to eat egg salad sandwiches in anything like a dignified manner, at least once they pass a certain critical salad-to-bread ratio. That's not all that much of a problem, in itself, except that I'm trying to loop between sandwich and typing. No wonder I have the dirtiest keyboards around here. (Well, that, and because I read newspapers. That's how you can tell I'm one of the Old Guys. Paper is so linear.)

9:45: It occurs to me that this Stereolab CD could be just as annoying to someone else as the Tuva music was to me. Hmm. Well, at least I'm playing my bad music right out in the open here on the quad's sound system, instead of pretending like I was keeping it private by playing it in the media room, which leaks sound like a sieve, as if I didn't know that, I'm so sure. So I still have the moral high ground. That's what's important.

10:46: Jeez, where did that hour go? Oh, I forgot. I'm working. Ha ha.

Not everything is completely horrible, I suppose. I signed on to the "Censure and Move On" petition online, and from time to time I get email from the people running the site. Today's mail said, in part,

After the house vote on impeachment, we began our "We will remember" campaign. In one month, more than 20,000 individuals have pledged more than 13 million dollars for congressional candidates in the year 2000 (http://www.moveon.org/pledge.htm).
That's no wading pool, $13,000,000. And being interestingly done, too. MoveOn.Org isn't actually collecting money, and won't. Instead, they'll set up web forms presenting candidate information, and making it possible to make your donation directly to the candidate right there and then. If I was running a third-party named, oh, say, the Reform Party, that was having problems with its whacked-out dwarf billionaire patron, I'd sure try like heck to get a piece of that pie. But then that's just me.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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