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Slurping our udon noodles definitely enraged Donald. (Brock)

NEW! Take revenge on an uncaring society! Encourage beauty, defy darkness! Make other people feel bad! Vote on your favorite - or least-favorite - entries. If you hate it, it will get darker; enough hate and it will turn black. If you love it, it will start turning pretty colors. Well, something other than black and white, anyway.

Some Past Entries

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world atomic lazy kittens wars attcked yesterday (Poatatoes)

Timmy obviously eats hills of large dog shit (Potatoes)

Look, obtusely concerned assholes taking initiative on neutralizing society. (JohnnyG)

Stupid Tardis almost injured David. (fuckwad)
Sexy turtles airlifted in diapers. (fuckwad)
Sorry Tim, Amy is dead. (fuckwad)

Leaving unintelligent, negative comments hurts everyone, dawg. (S.)

u n m a n n i n g (lolz)

epic poop intresting cute unstatisfactory red evil attack nerdz4life (nfhub.com)

Despite Erika's considerable olfactory umbridge, puppy launched extra dookies. (S.)

Meaningless insults now, useless ideas tomorrow. (Donald S. Trump)

Juche underpins Jong Un's boisterous exclamations. (S. and Glorious Leader)

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