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Some Past Entries

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randomly encroaching snakes helping iguanas pizza pie eating dutch (derp)

Super animals create really interrogative Luigis entering gorgeous enterprises (\_(ツ)_/)

Periwinkle emus turn toads into frogs over gargantuan subjects. (Fake News)

Underprepared narwhals swim under international treasury endorsed docks. (I don't know anymore)

Mean, earnest terns are preforming hops on roller skates (Potatoe.com staff)

Bumblefoot is giant nuisiance e-mailed shlavik sam (merp)

Protruding, oversized Toads believe earth likes loqacious yams. (hmmmmm)

Mohawke onions have all vulcan ermines (:))

Mother's Armadillo Reads Internationally Narcissistic American Tweets, Eating Sandwiches. (The Armadillo Needs Contacts)

All lemons dump emails, rallying snakes. (I don't know anymore)

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