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Some Past Entries

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Kites in Thailand take everything not in shape hopefully (DUde)

Hop onto the elevated love sausage
Hey old timers, evolution likes success! (JohnnyG, remember me? Been a long time!)

Markhors imbibing samurai fluids incardanined tyrannosaurids (Emily)

Horrifying overindulgent umbrellas sing every ballad of yolanda`s soundtrack (Emily)

Goon universes show help every day (Kenan)

Jews eat sushi underneath Indonesian towering skyscrapers (Totally McAnonymous)

Cats run everyday and kill innocent nocturnal geese (The New Guy)

People electrocuting lemons meanwhile evil tangerines sing (Totally McAnonymous)

Harassed, agitated giggling grannies leapt excitedly downstream. (Not Amelia)

Dude us seniors take menthol enclosures nonstop. (Traustinator)

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