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Today's word is HARRYING

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Some Past Entries

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Lord's amber palace tries on pants (Bob!)

Data's online. Windows Nine. Prefer Linux anyway? You're sublime. (S.)

Dang! Raging ugly Georgian gorillas ignite extremism. (fuckwad)
Don't run under gang green infested expatriates. (expat)

Living out under rising stars (O of C)

Either vote or leave; voting entails dedication (Kid)
Evilness violates our Looselips; vile electronic degenerates. (Kid)

Everybody's life, experiences, vitriol. excitement; now that's history, sister. (Kid, live from the Looselips archive)

All dogs enjoy licking ice cream everywhere. (Kenan)

Potentially ostracizing; some times unveiling little applebite truths— enjoyable. (Brock)

Copying on your pad uses skills. (Cora Ona Yoko Paula Uri Smith)

Kites in Thailand take everything not in shape hopefully (DUde)

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