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Some Past Entries

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Triggering random anthrosexuals now, Shitlord? (S....... JW?)

Can\'t Understand Bored Islanders Calling American's Latino

Nobody envies wimps such as gays, Ethiopian niggers, transexuals (wimp)

A random giraffe on Nigerian acid understands the sun. (man)

We're expected late, darling. Absolutely, brilliantly late, everytime. (Chris)

KWAI apolemia RACISM elephant NEST adar (N)
Kollaid Ares Racism Edna Nonchalant Abolute (NAT)

On unicorns' tea sits three angry yellow stains (GOAU)

Super ugly potheads pissing lovingly, even stopping time. (minirrrebo)

Float like young boys living on wild nipples (minirrrebo)
Freaky little young boys, licking owls with necromancers (minirrrebo)
Foxy like you, big lumpy octpus willies now! (minirrrebo)
fliping lingerie yearly. big lumps only work, nevada... (sinful)
fuck like young boy's long owl wings, nevada... (PewDiePie)

Pennies are like insects. Scrouge arrives destitute, escaping sucks. (sinful)

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