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parent: No Ovaltine please!

Re: No Ovaltine please! by Amelia on 2001-12-29 05:43:49

Heck, Tommy's Joint specializes in buffalo if I remember correctly. If you can't get a meat cocktail there, where could you go? I do remember, vaguely, a drink called a "bullshot" that involved hot beef bouillon and some kind of liquor. But I, too, love me some Ovaltine. Where did you buy this version with the beef stock? The jar in my kitchen seems pretty tame by comparison. I always thought it had some kind of roasted grain to give it that dark taste. I like it the same way I sometimes crave Postum. Postum is a great hot drink if you don't try to think of it is fake coffee. It's made from roasted barley, I think, which brings up some of that malt sugar like the the Ovaltine taste. Let's just take a moment to admire those "health foods" of 100 years ago, not the least of which: Coca-Cola!

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Re: Re: No Ovaltine please! by Mad Molly on 2001-12-29 08:02:03  |  Reply to this
  Yes, I guess that *is* the ideal place for a meat cocktail. "Bartender, I'd like a Burgundy Buffalo." Prevents heart attacks too! If they roast the meat and drain the fat (no small task at Tommy's) all they'd have to do is puree it. Presto -- a high-protein drink that keeps you energized all day. Best when used as a juice boost with healthful, life-giving vodka. Remember the movie Sleeper, where they've discovered that for good health people need to eat steak. ...Trying to think what liquor goes with Ovaltine now.
Re: Re: Re: No Ovaltine please! by Amelia on 2002-01-15 03:01:10  |  Reply to this
  Apparently I missed this earlier, Molly. I'd say any of the liquors you would tipple into cocoa. For instance, Kahlua for a Keoke Ovaltine, Jameson's for an Irish Ovaltine, etc.
Re: Re: No Ovaltine please! by meetoo on 2002-01-11 12:59:35  |  Reply to this
  hey Amelia... I actually never purchased the Ovaltine once I read the ingredients! But, I will tell you that I saw it in a Von's market and it was one of the larger, glass jars of the stuff... f.y.i.