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root: No Ovaltine please!

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Re: Re: No Ovaltine please! by Mad Molly on 2001-12-29 08:02:03

Yes, I guess that *is* the ideal place for a meat cocktail. "Bartender, I'd like a Burgundy Buffalo." Prevents heart attacks too! If they roast the meat and drain the fat (no small task at Tommy's) all they'd have to do is puree it. Presto -- a high-protein drink that keeps you energized all day. Best when used as a juice boost with healthful, life-giving vodka. Remember the movie Sleeper, where they've discovered that for good health people need to eat steak. ...Trying to think what liquor goes with Ovaltine now.

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Re: Re: Re: No Ovaltine please! by Amelia on 2002-01-15 03:01:10  |  Reply to this
  Apparently I missed this earlier, Molly. I'd say any of the liquors you would tipple into cocoa. For instance, Kahlua for a Keoke Ovaltine, Jameson's for an Irish Ovaltine, etc.