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parent: Cut It! Cut It You Bitch!

Re: Cut It! Cut It You Bitch! by Wash! on 2003-04-18 04:53:06

Tongight i'm going to a party in Leeds with our home favourites Kid, Skiddy, Ringo*, GAOU, and others. It is tonight, that the toothpast tube cutting experiment WILL be carried out! We will carry it out with 2 different tubes, both tricolour pastes. Different cutting techniques will, however, be employed when executing the operation:
1. Scissors
2. Sharp edges knife to reduce compression on cutting.

We'll give you the results soon as.

Next week: Chris Rock's head.

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But would you credit it? by Kid on 2003-04-19 09:30:09  |  Reply to this
  That when you open up the tube, the toothpaste inside it is exaclty the same as the bit you put on your brush, except much, much smaller. Cool it was. Photographs were taken. Great fun. Awesome!
Re: But would you credit it? by Wash! on 2003-04-19 10:59:06  |  Reply to this
  6 photos in fact. Scannings and sendings will be available during Summer. Can you take the suspense? It was a good insight into... erm, well it was good fun. Worth doing. Recommendable. Really, really tired today though! Its been a week of late nights and early mornings. A really great week though! These guys are great! Wash!
From Photos To Nausea And Some Of The Way Back by Kid on 2003-04-30 14:14:56  |  Reply to this
  I didn't see this. Shame. Its good. I, too, have many photographs, but I also gained a slight minty aroma that lingers with me still. Not entirely unpleasantly, but with considerable frustration. I deliberately try to avoid minty toothpastes, as I find they make me nauseous. I'm building up to lemon - I'm still in Colgate Herbal at the moment...it seems to have been taken off the market since I got my job lot in, and I did see the guy who sold me it in a mugshot not long ago. Well, the faceless corporation.

Run around faceless corporations...do I mean you? Do I? I have gripes. More of those later.
Crap by Kid on 2003-04-30 14:15:12  |  Reply to this
  Grapes. I have grapes.